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Toronto Botanical Garden's annual garden tour turns 25

Tara Nolan
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Tara Nolan

Step "Through the Garden Gate" and sneak a peek at some of historic Rosedale's most gorgeous gardens

tbg-garden-tour-pg1.jpgThis is a special year for Toronto Botanical Garden’s annual garden tour and fundraiser. Through the Garden Gate is celebrating its 25th anniversary in one of the neighbourhoods where it all started. If you’ve ever driven down the narrow, leafy streets of Rosedale on a Sunday afternoon, marvelling at the stately old homes and amazing front gardens, June 9 and 10 is an opportunity to set foot on 21 of these gorgeous properties. There is a lovely juxtaposition between old and new homes, and wild, carefree gardens versus those that are traditionally manicured. Even if your own plot is much smaller, there are some amazing lessons all green thumbs can take back to their own garden.

With your ticket, you will receive a program with a map of the area and descriptions of each participating address (you can pick up a program ahead of time at the TBG). Hold on to it for the lists of notable plants you can add to your garden wish list!

This year, some of the gardens will feature QR codes you can scan with your smart phone to discover various tidbits and plant info about the space. This is definitely not something that tour founder Peter Thomas could have implemented 25 years ago, but it’s an innovative approach that will help inspire new and seasoned green thumbs, and evolve this fantastic garden tour.

* This article was published in May 2012.


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