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The leader in comprehensive coverage of the NHL since 1947, the “bible of hockey” goes online at The Hockey News.

For instant scoring updates from all the games on the NHL slate NHL game scores and the latest stats NHL scoring leaders. keeps the most hardcore hockey fans on top of the action, allowing them to be the most informed readers around the game.

With opinion and analysis from former and current managers, coaches, trainers and players hockey insidersand instant analysis from our own stable of expert NHL opinion you'll get the full scope of emotion from the coolest game on earth only at

Aside from the reliable and credible breakdown and analysis, we also provide wide-ranging features that will appeal to the many types of hockey fans who are drawn to this great game. Poolies can find tips on how to manage their fantasy rosters with our own dedicated fantasy hockey specialist, fantasy hockey expert rumormongers can get a breakdown of all the hot speculation making the rounds in newspapers and online surrounding potential trades and signings, NHL trade rumors and with those looking towards the future of their favorite franchise, our in-depth prospect coverage keeps you informed.

Our reporters move to the front lines on the biggest days of the NHL year, with draft day analysis on what your team's new prospect means to the overall outlook NHL draft central and which teams are setting themselves up for a serious run at the Stanley Cup when free agency opens July 1 and some of the game's biggest starts are open to the highest bidder.

Whether you're a casual fan or immerse yourself with the game 24/7, you'll find a comfortable home at

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