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Grow it: 'October Glory' red maple

Acer rubrum ‘October Glory’

Looking for a tree with great fall colour that won’t make your allergies go into overdrive come spring? Completely pollen-free, ‘October Glory’ is one of several female red maple cultivars identified as the least likely to trigger allergies. Tom Ogren, who has a master of science in agriculture and studies the connection between plants and allergies, adds, “Because of its extensive bloom of female flowers, ‘October Glory’ is not only pollen- and allergy-free, 
it’s also a very effective large pollen trap. A big ‘October Glory’ will catch pollen from local male 
red maple trees and turn it into seed.”

16 m (h), 11 m (w)

Zone 4

Prefers slightly acidic, moist soil

Photo courtesy of Liftarn


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