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Eight edible rose favourites

Quebec-based garden Rose des Champs recommend the best blooms from their collection for eating


Purple Pavement hybrid rugosa rose (R. [Pavement Series] ‘Rotes Meer’ syn. Exception)
Zone 3
Often recommended as a good plant for hedging, Purple Pavement bears small trusses of fragrant, semi-double purplish-red blooms which in turn produce dark red hips. Bred by Baum in Germany and introduced in 1986, like all members of the series, it’s salt tolerant. Look for Foxi Pavement (deep pink) and Scarlet Pavement, too!

'Marguerite Hilling' shrub rose (R. ‘Marguerite Hilling’ syn. ‘Pink Nevada’)—not shown
Zone 4

A sport of ‘Nevada’ (Pedro Dot, Spain, 1927) discovered at Hillings Nursery (U.K.) and introduced in 1959. Considered one of the all-time best shrub roses, it blooms profusely from late spring to autumn, producing almost single, deep pink flowers. Pruning should be confined to removing dead wood. RHS AGM 1993


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