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Bulb-planting resources and advice

Get your bulbs in the ground before winter

With the cold weather on its way, it's the perfect time to start planning which delicate buds will dare open their blooms first come spring.

Video: Planting tips for spring bulbs
Watch as host Stephen Westcott-Gratton shows you how to create the perfect growing environment.

Tulip booster
Easy techniques to keep your tulips blooming, whether they are old or new bulbs.

Last-minute bulbs
You'd be surprised at how late you can leave this task and still enjoy bountiful blooms in the spring.

10 tips for planting spring-blooming bulbs
A primer from the Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center in New York City

How to deter freeloading squirrels
Keep critters from eating the fruits of your bulb-planting labours.

Spring bulbs for small gardens
Use Dutch gardens as inspiration when it comes to using every available inch 

Eight great double-flowering tulips
Plant these bulbs now for peony-like blooms next spring.

Forcing your bulbs indoors
Pot up spring bulbs for a colourful indoor antidote to winter blues

Kids and bulbs
Plant in fall for a spectacular spring show

Test your bulb knowledge with bulb-growing quiz!

Growing flowering bulbs outdoors
A quick primer to growing flowering bulbs outdoors

Plant minor bulbs in early fall
Planted in early fall, these ephemeral bulbs put on a dazzling show before vanishing for another year

Fall-flowering colchicums
While not technically bulbs, we couldn't resist adding these dainty naked ladies to the list

Why Rembrandt tulips rule
Plant these dazzling bulbs in your garden for a spring show sure to turn heads

Plant species tulips for a colourful show
Quirky and dramatic, these plants only fleetingly resemble modern garden varieties—but that’s what makes them so special 

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