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A handy guide to spring pruning

Unsure of what to clip, snip and cut back? Check out these helpful tips and head outside!

Tips for spring pruning

Stimulate growth by learning to prune your spring-flowering bushes and shrubs at the right time of year.

When to trim your shrubs and trees

Few gardening chores are approached with more trepidation than pruning. In reality, it's a relatively simple process that requires a little basic knowledge, some common sense and the proper tools.

Pollard a tree to inhibit its growth

Whether branches are damaged by a storm or infected with insects, removing the limbs can help improve the overall health of a tree. But this technique can also manipulate a tree's shape and size, allowing gardeners to plant saplings that would otherwise grow too large for their yard.


How to cut back spring-flowering shrubs

Try these TLC tips to ensure that glorious bursts of spring colour reappear year after year.

Lilac renovation

Deadheading annually will help bring back the blooms year after year. It can also help increase light levels and air circulation.

Anatomy of a tool: pruners

Find the right pair that will survive your extensive work in the garden.

Prepare your pruners for spring

Secateurs a little dull? Our sharpening tips will have them ready for action in no time.

Rejuvenate your tools

Take your tools apart and give them a thorough spring cleaning.


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