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The top 10 unwanted garden plants

Anja Sonnenberg
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Anja Sonnenberg

Keep an eye out for these invasive plants that can be wild and aggressive in your garden

Although they may be sold in garden centres and nurseries across Canada, these invasive garden plants can wreak havoc in your garden and other naturalized settings, wetlands and forests. Non-native plants are species that have been introduced from another geographic region, intentionally and unintentionally. Some plants are brought to Canada for their ornamental appeal and planted into gardens, but these aggressive plants often become invasive and take over the garden, neighbourhoods and surrounding area.


1. Goutweed (Aegopodium podagraria)

Goutweed is known to many gardeners as a prolific ground cover that can quickly take over the garden. The cultivated form of goutweed showcases white and green variegated leaves, but in naturalized plants, the variegation is absent. Once it escapes the garden into natural areas, it can quickly and easily choke out native plants. Also known as bishop’s weed and snow-on-the-mountain, goutweed was brought to North America as an ornamental from Europe and Asia.

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