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Kids and fall leaves

Tina Forrester

Have fun with autumn's colourful treasures and these activities

Acrylic leaf paint prints
One way you can celebrate nature's annual display is to print colourful leaves on a T-shirt using fabric paint. Or you can try the same technique with regular acrylic paint and very small leaves to decorate a nicely shaped rock for a paperweight. You can also make gift wrap and gift tags.

Spread newspapers over a flat surface. Lay a T-shirt flat, front-side-up. Insert cardboard between the front and back. Place a leaf vein-side-up on the newspaper. Coat it with one or more colours of fabric paint. Carefully pick the leaf up and place it vein-side-down on the T-shirt. Rub the leaf gently with your fingers without letting the leaf slide. Carefully remove the leaf.

Repeat, making random cascades or overlapping designs. Sometimes you may be able to get two prints from one coat of paint, though the second print will be fainter. Continue printing until you're happy with your design.

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