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The top 10 gardening trends for 2009

Incorporate these popular ideas into your gardening plans for the spring

The weather outside may still be frightful, but what better time than when you're cooped up indoors to start dreaming of what you will do this coming spring in the garden. Here's what's on our radar at Canadian Gardening for 2009.

1.    Hot, spicy hues such as gold, orange, vermillion, crimson and rusty brown top the colour palette.

Visit our colour section for warm palette inspiration.

2.    Chemical-free gardening becomes the “new normal” as more municipalities ban harmful pesticides.

Go to our organic gardening section to learn more about eco-friendly gardening.

3.    Growing your own fruit and vegetables is on the rise, with a particular focus on heirloom and hard-to-find varieties.

4.    With the advent of “stay-cations,” outdoor living spaces continue to flourish, augmented by an increased selection of portable office equipment.

5.    Wildlife gardens (those with native and critter-friendly plant material to encourage birds, insects and animals) assume new importance.

6.    Container gardening continues to grow in popularity. Big, bold tropicals with large leaves rub shoulders with old favourites, and veggies and herbs in pots play a more central role.

7.    Variegated foliage takes a back seat to shrubs and perennials with grey, gold, lime-green or burgundy leaves.

8.    Naturalizing spring bulbs (e.g. daffodils, species tulips, alliums) overshadow bulbs needing frequent replacing and replanting.

Head to our bulbs page for inspiration.

9.    Hostas loosen their grip on the shade garden du jour in favour of native woodland ferns, flowers and sedges.

10.    Purchasing plants online becomes commonplace, broadening the variety and scope of plant material available to gardeners even in remote areas.

Peruse our seed catalogues and bulbs article to find companies that sell online.

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