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5 low-maintenance plants for shady spots

Add colourful and unique foliage to the darker areas of your garden.

shade-japanesefern.jpgJapanese painted fern
(Athyrium niponicum ‘Pictum’)
This colourful fern is one of those plants that gets along with just about everyone, brightening a shady area and making almost every other plant around it look better. No wonder it is a must-have for the shade garden.

shade-solomonsseal.jpgSolomon's seal
(Polygonatum commutatum)
Solomon's seal adds grace to the garden. It can be featured as an accent or woodland plant, or used as a cut flower.

Red (rubrum), yellow (sulphureum) and white (niveum)
Not only does this perennial form a lovely carpet of interesting leaves, but the flowers can work with many themes.

shade-paperbark.jpgPaperbark maples
Acer griseum
This attractive tree can be the ornamental focal point of a garden and it provides interest year-round.

shade-maidenhair.jpgMaidenhair fern
Adiantum pedatum
The maidenhair fern adds bright green foliage as well as texture to the garden.

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