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Fun and helpful links on indoor gardening

Sprucing up your indoor space has never been easier. Check out some of Canadian Gardening's indoor gardening tips

Keep your house looking and feeling fresh all year round with some of these indoor gardening tips and ideas.

Greenhouses: Rooms with a view
Extend your growing season by gardening under glass

From hockey to horticulture
How a northern community transformed a hockey rink into a greenhouse

Bring the outside indoors
7 ideas for adding a touch of nature indoors

Keep your houseplants healthy all winter long
Add a little extra TLC to your plant care routine

Video: Rejuvenating houseplants
Easy ways to tame an unruly indoor plant—and create a new one

Poinsettias: From Mexican shrub to holiday star
Background and care tips for the festive favourite

African violets: Easy houseplants
Dress up a windowsill with these beautiful indoor plants

Beguiling begonias
The jazzy leaves of these fancy-foliaged types are nothing like your grandma's old-fashioned begonias

How-to video: Create your own terrarium
Watch as Elene Nouri of Sheridan Nurseries demonstrates how to plant a garden under glass

Amaryllis growing tips
This holiday plant has good looks and great personality

Growing orchids indoors
Tips and tricks to grow this gorgeous tropical plant in your house

Exotic indoor plants
Add a tropical touch to indoor living spaces

Tips for repotting houseplants
Give indoor plants a new lease on life

Goof-proof houseplants
Indoor plants will keep your green thumb warm throughout winter

Cures for cabin fever
What Canadian gardeners really need is a little green therapy during our long winters

Kids and windowsill herbs
Building and caring for an herb garden

Create a mini-garden under glass
Building and caring for a terrarium is an easy project for kids—and their parents

How to avoid and eliminate indoor plant pests
Learn to spot the signs of a houseplant in distress

Design a dedicated potting area
Learn how to design indoor and outdoor potting areas

Build a customized potting station
Visit your nearest big box store for budget-friendly storage ideas

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