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Automatically water houseplants

If you've ever gone on vacation and returned to wilted flowers, or just plain forgotten to water, these tools will help you

Dreaming of fun in the sun but wonder how your houseplants will survive while you’re away? Automatic watering devices are your ticket to peace of mind. Whether you have just a few plants or many, there’s a self-waterer to suit your needs. For instance, the Oasis water reservoir (shown above) runs on a nine-volt battery, offers four different irrigation programs (for 10, 20, 30 or 40 days) and handles up to 20 pots.

selfwater.jpgLess elaborate is the Tropf Blumat probe (left). The ceramic cone is inserted into the soil, while water is siphoned through a thin hose as needed from an external water supply. (Use superfine sandpaper to remove any salt buildup on the cones, advises Bruce Zimmerman of Rittenhouse Since 1914.) An even simpler approach is a decorative glass watering bauble or the whimsical Drip-it Frog. Just fill with water and place in the soil to keep your plants watered for up to 14 days.

Products and availability current as of publication, Winter 2004. Products and availability may vary. 

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