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Five lush winter planters that will last until spring

Tara Nolan
Photography by
Donna Griffith

With a little special attention, a beautiful arrangement can hold its own through the cold season.



Because he’s not rooting plant materials, Jim’s method of hilling the soil ensures plants freeze into place when winter hits. Here, with the pot filled almost to the brim, the birch log tripod was wired and placed inside. Jim added more soil, then worked from the bottom up, layering branches based on colour—silvery grey eucalyptus against dark pine, with hits of the rusty underbelly of magnolia for contrast. The oversized grapevine sphere, secured by wire, “floats above a nest of greens.”

Plant material list:
  • Birch logs
  • Grapevine sphere
  • Royal fir
  • Magnolia tips
  • Seeded eucalyptus
  • B.C. white pine

Check out our story, Create an elegant evergreen planter, for step-by-step tips on creating these types of winter containers.


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