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Fiery hues in a cast iron container

Christine Hanlon
Photography by
Mark Burstyn

Grab this tropical-inspired plant list to recreate your own vibrant planter


Putting it together
Step 1: Select a container with adequate drainage holes and cover with a piece of landscape fabric (available at garden centres) to prevent the soil from washing out of the bottom.

Step 2: Partly fill your container with an all-purpose potting mix that contains fertilizer.

Step 3: Place the mandevilla in the centre of the container, flanked by begonias on the left and dahlias on the right. Adjust the soil height so the tops of the root balls are just below the rim and firm down. Fill in the spaces in the front and back of the container with celosia and the gaps along the edge with moss.

Step 4: Water well and place in a partly shaded location.

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