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Create an elegant evergreen planter

Jennifer Murray
Photography by
KC Rasmussen

Decorate your front steps with a festive planter of green and red

winter-pots-5.jpgBefore arranging the cedar layer, McMillen inserted three paperbark birch branches into the centre of the mound, creating vertical interest.

winter-pots-6.jpgAfter the paperbark birch branches were secured, McMillen began arranging the cedar branches around the rim of the urn. McMillen arranged the branches while keeping a clock in mind; if the urn was the face of a clock, the first four branches were arranged at 12, 3, 6 and 9.

winter-pots-7.jpgMcMillen infilled between the four guiding branches, creating an evenly arranged halo of cedar branches around the rim of the urn.

winter-pots-8.jpgBefore arranging the second layer, McMillen selected a single branch of red pine and used it to determine the desired length of the branches. As he did with the cedar branches, McMillen used this first branch as a template to trim the rest of the branches to length, and used the 'clock' method to arrange the branches in the urn.

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