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Crazy container ideas for flowers and herbs

Get creative when selecting the vessels you'll use to display your plants

Old plumbing
OK, you do have to be kind of out there with a rather, um, cheeky sense of humour to go for this look, but, discarded toilets, sinks or bathtubs make great, durable planters—and bird baths.

Old lighting and candle holders
Seriously, visualise that dusty old chandelier you’ve been stowing in the basement, swaying in the breeze under a big old tree, each upturned lampshade a tiny planter! Likewise, candlesticks that are topped with open candle cups and a spike—the kind used for pillar candles—are great, topped with a small planter. A glue gun will come in handy for this project.

Vintage wooden soda or produce crates, or modern wine crates
These make lovely, rustic planters. If you want them to last, be sure to line with plastic and seal or varnish the porous wood.

Old chest of drawers
An absolutely fab way to repurpose that inherited furniture and an excellent, compact kitchen garden for a balcony or porch. The drawers will need to be well waterproofed to prevent warping and rotting. Pull the drawers out in a climbing, staggered fashion.

Not just for rain anymore! Puncture holes into the underside of lengths of eavestrough and fasten to any wall or fence, fill with soil and plant. Now there is very little room for root development, so this arrangement is ideal for tender salad greens that will be sown, grown and harvested on a continual basis.

crazy-containers-mystery.jpgMystery planter
OK folks, this is your chance to weigh in. What is this thing? We spotted it in Prince Edward County. If you have any ideas, please comment!

Inset image by Signe Langford


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