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10 awesome gifts for any novice gardener

Expert gardeners share their ideas on what to buy a new gardener this Christmas

new-gardener-2books.jpg7. Dependable reading material
Novice gardener Angela Liddon (who had her first successful vegetable garden last season and tracked its impressive progress on her blog Oh She Glows) recommends some valuable reading material. “I would give a gardening novice an introductory book on vegetable gardening. All New Square Foot Gardening and The Vegetable Gardener's Bible are both popular.”

All New Square Foot Gardening and The Vegetable Gardener's Bible
Available at:
Price: $25 and $30

new-gardener-tbg.jpg8. A membership to your local botanical garden
How about endless inspiration for a holiday gift? “Top of my list would be a membership to a local botanical garden, to open up doors of information, education and pleasure, as well as a place to connect with other gardeners,” says Aldona Satterthwaite, executive director of Toronto Botanical Garden.

A membership to your local botanical garden
Available at: your local botanical garden
Price: varies from city to city

new-gardener-greenbeaver.jpg9. Sensible beauty products
Lots of gardeners complain about dried and cracked hands from endless summer days of playing in the dirt. Most rely on tried and true moisturizer or hand salve to rehydrate their skin. Pair up any of the above gift ideas with some good-quality hand cream. Try Canada’s own Green Beaver Gardener’s Hand & Heel Balm.

Green Beaver Gardener’s Hand & Heel Balm
Available at: or your local health store
Price: $10

new-gardener-cgcover.jpg10. A subscription to a gardening magazine
What gardener wouldn’t love cross-Canada gardening inspiration? Sign your friend up for a one-year subscription to Canadian Gardening. They’ll love flipping through it during the colder months and will find tons of useful information throughout the gardening season.

Subscription to Canadian Gardening magazine
Available at:
Price: $25

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