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10 awesome gifts for any novice gardener

Expert gardeners share their ideas on what to buy a new gardener this Christmas

new-gardener-hose.jpg4. A lightweight garden hose
Why not share the wisdom it took years for some gardeners to learn? “It took me decades to get out from under the horrible chore of lugging heavy hoses around when summer heat and dry spells took hold. It was with the greatest relief that I discovered a truly lightweight hose…” says Margaret Roach, a seasoned gardener based in Hudson Valley, New York, who writes the blog A Way to Garden.

Lightweight hose   
Available at: Lee Valley Tools
Price: $27.50 to $43.50

new-gardener-felco.jpg5. A good pair of pruners
How successful can a garden be without any tools? Package up some of the necessities and you can’t go wrong. But remember: you don’t want to skimp on quality. “Hand tools are a great gift, but get a quality tool from a garden centre versus a cheap one. They will last a long time ... That would include a trowel, transplanter, cultivator, fork, weeder and pruning shears…,” advise the folks at Shelmerdine Garden Centre.

Felco Classic Pruner
Available at: Lee Valley Tools and most garden centres
Price: $55

new-gardener-cobra.jpg6. A sturdy, good-quality weeder
What gardener doesn’t dread the inevitable chore of weeding? This contraption will make her job that much easier. “I love the CobraHead weeder and cultivator: a great, multi-purpose hand tool that I use for nearly all my garden tasks … and it is built to last,” says Bellamy.

CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator
Available at:
Price: $25 USD

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