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Book review: Slow Flowers

Slow Flowers
Four Seasons of Locally Grown Bouquets from the Garden, Meadow and Farm
By Debra Prinzing

In her latest book, Slow Flowers, Debra Prinzing shows us that it is possible all year long to find beautiful ingredients for DIY bouquets in one’s own garden or nearby. The book features 52 different arrangements, one for each week of the year. Her designs prove that we don’t have to resort to flowers imported from faraway places. The main section of the book, divided into four seasons—Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter—offers full-colour images of Prinzing’s designs and showcases materials she has gathered from her own garden or that have been sourced locally. Her very personal dialogue describing the construction of each design serves to inspire rather than intimidate. The "Doing it Yourself, With Style" chapter handily covers floral techniques, aesthetics, care, resources and supplies. Keen gardeners, especially, will appreciate the Cut Flower and Foliage Index at the back that lists the plants used (including botanical names) and the USDA Hardiness Zones they grow in.

What makes this book unique?
Slow Flowers is not for those who want to create high-style designs; rather, it is for those who love the notion of having a fresh, seasonal bouquet on the table all year round. Even though Prinzing reveals she is not trained as a floral designer, she demonstrates that anyone can create locally sourced, beautiful bouquets with materials that are in season. This book will have budding floral designers, snips in hand, running into the garden to gather their next bouquet.

Price: $18.50
Publisher: St. Lynn’s Press


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