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Book review: Grow it Cook it

Get 'em when they’re young and you've got 'em for life!

Grow it Cook it

Simple Gardening Projects and Delicious Recipes
Edited by Jill Bloomfield

Sadly the folks at the tobacco and fast food companies have embraced this truism with gusto. We say, fight fire with fire! Introduce kids to the joy of gardening, raising their own food, and cooking and eating well from day one, and they’ll carry these skills and passions into adulthood.

Each page of this easy to read, kid-friendly, how-to book, is well-illustrated with step-by-step instructions. Even kids who can’t read the words yet, should be able to follow by looking at the pictures alone. The little ones will love the extreme close-ups of germinating seeds, buzzing bees and the creepy crawlers that live in the compost heap.

The photos show real kids, gardening with basic household objects—yogurt cups, Popsicle sticks, a sand pail, an old laundry basket—cooking simple, wholesome foods, and working on gardening crafts, such as seed packets, decorative, painted stones and plant markers. The DK team has created a book that’ll build self-esteem in any kid, from any walk of life or economic situation.

The publisher has dialled down the intimidation factor by showing individual plants growing and bearing fruit in pots, crocks and buckets. A five-year-old can take responsibility for one eggplant, but a whole row or veg patch is too much. The best part? Right at the beginning, the authors give kids permission to get dirty!

What makes this book unique

Part biology text, part cookbook, part gardening manual—and all fun. This book should be in every classroom across the country.

Price: $18.99
Publisher: DK Publishing

Try this delicious sunflower loaf recipe excerpted from the book.


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