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Book review: A Recipe for Continuous Bloom

A delightful read that helps gardeners of all levels choose the most colourful plants throughout the blooming season.

A Recipe for Continuous Bloom
By Lorraine Roberts

All gardeners strive for it: a garden of continuous bloom, from the first snowdrop in spring to the last gasp of whatever flower lingers on as winter approaches. Few of us achieve it. A Recipe for Continuous Bloom tells us how to choose perennials for a garden bursting with colour throughout the seasons.

This book is not text-intensive. In fact, Roberts takes up only two pages at the beginning of the book to offer her “recipe” for continual bloom in the garden. It is succinct, but gets the job done.

The rest of the book is divided into three sections. Two sections are devoted to growing conditions; Full Sun/Part Shade and Full Shade/Part Shade. They are further subdivided by bloom times starting with March/April and ending with September/October. Within these sections each perennial (287 in all) has its own page featuring a full-colour photograph along with the plant’s height, width and zone hardiness.

The third section is a Plant Guide suggesting various lists of perennials for specific purposes, for example, plants that attract butterflies, hummingbirds and beneficial insects, deer-resistant perennials and more.

What makes this book unique?
The strength of this book lies in its organization. It “feels” like a catalogue. Logically organized, it is simple to navigate making it easy for gardeners to choose the best plants to ensure colour throughout the seasons. The large photos printed on high quality, glossy paper makes that selection all the more enjoyable.

Price: $29.95
Publisher: Plant Paradise Gardens


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