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Anatomy of a tool: Pruners

Find the right pair that will survive your extensive work in the garden

The tool

Felco 2, $59.98. 8.5 (21.5 cm) long; 8.5 oz (240g), shown above.

A good pair of pruners is an essential tool for every gardener. Look for these attributes to make sure yours will stand the test of time:

The principles and design of this classic Swiss-made model haven’t changed since its debut in 1945.

A lifetime guarantee on forged aluminum handles.

A replaceable steel-cutting blade ensures a lifetime of precise,
clean cuts. 

Proper fit
Felco 2 is a right-handed model. The Felco 9 is for lefties, placing the bevel on the opposite side of the cutting blade. 

The non-slip handles and a cushion-shock absorber put less strain on your hand.

Did you know?
Secateurs, or pruners that can be held with one hand, are the most frequently used cutting tools. Felco’s original version (Felco 1) not only launched the company, but also remains the standard against which all others are measured. 

Get your pruners ready for spring: How to sharpen your secateurs.

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