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An introduction and a couple questions

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An introduction and a couple questions

Postby Robert Cruise » Jul 17, 2012 7:52 pm

Greetings all, my name is Rob and I hail from Orillia Ontario. I have a few plants that I am trying to learn about the best way to make them flourish. I suffer from an anxiety disorder and live on disability and don't get out much so my doctor suggested I get some plants as a way to busy myself.

The plants I am asking about right now are two Ming Aralia trees and a Pony Tail Palm. The Pony Tail Palm was stripped of it's foliage by my cats but I have managed to get it growing again though it look a bit scraggly at the moment. I just re-potted all three, and tore the roots a bit on one of the Ming Aralia trees trying to remove it from it's old pot. I have 10-15-10 food that I have been giving them but they aren't getting much natural light, and I am unsure how much they need. I do have a lamp over them and was wondering if I could get a grow bulb for it to give them some more light and if so what type of bulb should I get, I know they are not supposed to be put in direct sunlight.

Any insights in the best way to manage these and suggestions about a light source and if or if not it may be needed would be helpful. I have here a picture of the three plants as well.

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Robert Cruise
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Re: An introduction and a couple questions -Bluebird????

Postby Eeyore » Jul 18, 2012 12:54 pm

Hi Robert and welcome! I'm no expert on houseplants, I usually manage to kill them unless they are cactus or succulents and even then my track record isn't great! :lol:

I'm guessing here but the ponytail palm probably needs more sun than it is getting and the Ming Aralia is probably fine - I'm going to push this to Bluebird for comment, she should be able to give you guidance.
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Re: An introduction and a couple questions -Bluebird????

Postby Dumbo » Jul 18, 2012 3:22 pm

i'm not an expert on anything except trouble, but is a ponytail palm the same thing as an "elephants foot palm"? Because the short stubby one (the middle one) looks like an elephant foot palm to me.

If it is, then this type of plant thrives on neglect. Water it only a few times a month (if that) and ignore it. Likes Sunny spots. Read that you should spray it's leaves once in a while.

As for the cats & elephant foot palm, yeah they like to nibble at the ends of it's leaves. Mine do as well. I kept a little spray bottle of water, squirted them and yelled no whenever they went at it. They caught on in a week. No more issue with the cats and that plant. And the odd time they do go at it, I just have to yell a no and they take off.

The other two plants. No clue.
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Re: An introduction and a couple questions

Postby jeenasmith » Feb 13, 2013 3:32 am

According to me, the plants you are talking about needs more lightning, so arrange a light source for the same.
Sorry to say but i have very less idea, about the plants you are talking about.
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