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Need Help!! Overgrown Hydrangeas

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Need Help!! Overgrown Hydrangeas

Postby CountryStrong » Aug 08, 2014 2:56 pm


I recently moved into my new home in December. I had no idea what was planted here or what would come up. I'm no gardener so I had no idea what half the stuff was until I googled it I have come to find out that I have 2 limelight hydrangea shrubs or bushes? But they seem way overgrown and are out of control.

My question is: Is it okay to prune the branches that don't look like they are flowering and if so, how far can I cut down? In the fall, how far do I cut down? I'm hoping that they won't be as big next year.



Thank you and Happy Gardening
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Re: Need Help!! Overgrown Hydrangeas

Postby Ian66 » Aug 09, 2014 7:04 am

Limelight hydrangeas bloom on new growth and can be severely pruned back in spring...the new growth will still flower next summer.....

In the future, you can keep your limelight the size you want and flower at the same level, by pruning about a foot off the shrub every spring......the new growth will grow about a foot and flower, thus flowering at the same spot each year.......
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