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What happened to my burning bush?

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What happened to my burning bush?

Postby HeelsDown » Aug 31, 2013 12:47 pm

Bought a new burning bush to replace one the bunnehs got earlier this month. It was in good shape and turning pretty red. Planted maybe two weekends later and while we waited for a good day, it was on our deck in a fair amount of sun. It did dry out on me once so paid closer attention after that. Now I noticed it has lost 90% of its leaves!

Could it be b-c it was already so red, it is fast tracking through the seasons? Or just the shock of being planted? I'm sure soil and water conditions are ok. And think if I leave it alone, it will be fine next year. Just curious if I should worry. :)

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Re: What happened to my burning bush?

Postby Ian66 » Aug 31, 2013 9:10 pm

Hey Jenn....

I work in a nursery and the burning bushes are turning red.....way ahead of the one I have in my garden.....
There are 2 reasons for this....firstly, shrubs purchased by nurseries are supplied largely by growers/ distributors down south in the Niagara region (their plants are more mature in growth than ours by weeks)
And secondly, any plant in a pot are very stressed, which makes them go into dormancy quicker......Our trees that we sell are also changing colour....
So I wouldn`t be worried.....the bush has already stored its energy from growing all summer and the leaves would eventually fall off anyway in a month, so just keep the shrub watered up until the cold weather.....
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