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red leaf lettuce problems

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red leaf lettuce problems

Postby vistagardener » Jul 18, 2013 9:22 am

so i'm new to gardening and decided to try my hand at container gardening. to this point everything has been going very well except my red leaf lettuce. i planted three seeds in separate containers and they all seemed to be doing fine. but about the time when they reached a height of about 3 - 4 inches tall, they suddenly started to slump over and eventually came to rest on top of the soil over the course of about a week.

its been about 2 weeks since this has happened and all of them are still resting on top of the soil. none of the leaves or stems have turned yellow, all are still a healthy green colour. anybody know what might be wrong with the plants?

they've been kept inside to this point at a room temperature roughly of 20 - 25 C and their in a partial shade area. the only thing i could think of is that i may have over watered them at one point.
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Re: red leaf lettuce problems

Postby Jersm » Jul 18, 2013 9:31 am

pictures would help a lot.

also what kind of light is it growing under?

sounds like theres a severe lack of light for the letus to grow off. indoor lights are horrible for plants compared to the sun. When a plant doesn't get enough light and enough range it grows long and skinny in an attempt to get more light. (it thinks its shaded) then usually they topple over weak. letus are supposed to be stumpy tough plants not tall and leggy.

if you want to keep plants indoors you will need to keep them by the window that gets a tleast 5-6 hours of light or use a set up with a good light range like fluorecent lights right above.

ive got about 100 letus plants growing outside i use for sandwiches and salads. (cut a leaf off each never cut the whole plant)
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