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Surprises in the Garden

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Surprises in the Garden

Postby repool » May 25, 2013 11:15 am

I am a newbie and thought some people may get a kick out of my supposedly annuals becoming perennials. I live on the Bruce Peninsula by lake Huron in Ontario (zone 5b), where its sandy. I have had this garden for 3 years now and I still haven't had to plant green onions, as I let some of them go to seed, and ignore them in the fall. I already have some seeding (budding to flower). I have pansies that I have tried to eliminate from my lavender container flowering.
I bought Brussel sprouts last year, and didn't get one over 1/2 cm so I just left it for the winter, and now I have already growing plants; what a surprise. I took a branch of my french lavender and put some of the soil on top of the long branch last year, and now have a plant that I already transplanted to under a window; yes that big.

In a planter I have got chives that I need to separate (growing for 10 years now), and also have another bunch growing in another pot (plants died) that was weeds .

I asked hubby to save the seeds from the red and green peppers (store bought) in our salads and now have tons of plants that need transplanted into garden! I just soak then in 10 % bleach water before I planting them. I have heard that peppers used are hybrids that you can't plant.

What surprises have you got that you didn't expect? :D :shock:
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