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Plants bent by ice

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Plants bent by ice

Postby Canadian Ent » Apr 30, 2013 10:27 pm

I live just north of Toronto. WInter's last say this year was a mixture of around 10 cm of snow plus freezing rain. The load of icy snow did things like bend my 10 ft high cedars and 15 foot high Mount Batten Junipers right over. I went out at around midnight to knock most of the icy snow off, and my plants have faired okay.

However, one of my Mount Battens and one of my cedars are still bent and I have some yews that are also a bit misshapen, but none of them are broken. I am not alone: I have noticed this all over my neighbourhood; plants still bent (but not broken) from the snow/ice load.

I've never seen this before (or maybe I have but didn't care; I didn't really start paying close attention to plants until a few years ago and now I'm addicted).

I was hoping they would spring back when they started waking up, but the buds are coming out and no change.

I am curious and impatient - will the plants right themselves and bend back?
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Re: Plants bent by ice

Postby Jersm » May 02, 2013 1:12 pm

As far as i know the only bending a tree or plant does is to point at the sun. I suppose as long as its getting its nutrients and light the tree doesn't care if its bent.

I have seen on discovery channel of people who basically bend and manipulate trees so they can make walk ways or two trees twisted together and stuff. when they get big they stay that way.

However here is what i would try to bend it back yourself:
1. comelong (ive seen 2 ton ones for 30-40 bucks at canadiantire_
2. chains (strong rope)
3. anchor (stump, another tree, vehicle, very deeply pounded metal bar)

basically warp something strong around the top of the tree so you get more leverage and you can pull off of it isntead of putting hooks in the tree.. then connect everything together, the anchor, chains come long chain and tree together.

you can use the comealong to slowly unbend the tree with the crank. I would do small amount everday or so to not hurt or break the plants.

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