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Healthy smoothie recipes

Mix fruits, veggies and herbs in the blender to create healthy garden-fresh smoothies.

blueberry-shake-112.jpgBlueberry breakfast shake
Whip your fresh, antioxidant-rich blueberries into this filling morning smoothie.

vitamin-C-boost-smoothie-112.jpgVitamin C boost smoothie
Ward off rainy-day (or snowy) chills with this fruit and veggie-loaded drink.

kale-smoothie-112.jpgLean and green kale smoothie
Boost your natural health and well-being with this nutrient-dense, cold-weather green.

pumpkin-spice-smoothie-112.jpgPumpkin spice smoothie
It may seem decadent, but this hearty smoothie makes for a super healthy snack.

strawberry-shake-112.jpgEnergizing strawberry shake
Use garden-fresh, local berries to whip up this healthy alternative to a summertime staple.

recipe-tea-smoothie-meta.jpgChamomile tea smoothie
Soothing chamomile and honey combine to create this calming tea smoothie.

recipe-smoothie-chocolate-meta.jpgDecadent chocolate smoothie
This decadent raw chocolate smoothie is made with healthy ingredients and no refined sugars.

recipe-peanutbutter-smoothie-met.jpgRaspberry and peanut butter smoothie
Sweet-tart raspberries and creamy peanut butter combine to create a delicious smoothie.

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