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Fabulous fall flower arrangements

Gather the last blooms of the growing season to create memorable centrepieces in your home.

fabulous-fall-flower-maple.jpgEnchanting maples
Yellow Japanese maple leaves, orange-red daisy-type mums, tiny yellow orchids, rosehips, red ama­­ranth and sumach come together to create a small but mighty arrangement.

fabulous-fall-flower-pumpkin.jpgPumpkin pretty
Use the season's favourite member of the gourd family as a vase that will display a bevy of blooms.

fabulous-fall-flower-happybunch.jpgA happy bunch
Fluffy, teddy-bear-like sunflowers are gathered to create this cheerful autumn display.

fabulous-fall-flower-berriedbouq.jpgBerried bouquet
Gather gorgeous red autumn blooms to pull together this vibrant arrangement.

fabulous-fall-flower-lush.jpgA sumptuous fall centrepiece
This lush-looking, professionally designed centrepiece has few flowers but lots of filler with different textures and tones.

fabulous-fall-flower-mums.jpgMum's the word
Here, marigold-coloured dahlias (florist's chrysanthemums will work, too), green amaranth and tiny white gourds are displayed in a small, footed bowl.

fabulous-fall-flower-country.jpgCasual country flower arrangement
My Luscious Backyard owner, Sarah Nixon creates a charming fall flower arrangement with creamy pink blooms.

fabulous-fall-flower-rainbow.jpgA rainbow-bright fall flower arrangement
Sarah Nixon, owner of My Luscious Backyard creates a vibrant flower arrangement using bright fuchsia blooms.

fabulous-fall-flower-dahlia.jpgDramatic fall flower arrangement
Sarah Nixon, owner of My Luscious Backyard creates a dramatic autumn arrangement using crimson dahlias.

fabulous-fall-flower-veg-vase.jpgVegetable vases
Celebrate Thanksgiving with these easy autumn arrangements.

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