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Add houseplants to an amaryllis planter

Jazz up the area around the towering stem to create an interesting, vibrant holiday arrangement

Planting an amaryllis for a splash of colour in the winter months is a great idea. We've always thought the blooms look awkward towering above a small pot, so now we use them as the centrepiece of a mixed planter.

amaryllis-planter-illo.jpgTo begin, set the amaryllis in a 30-centimetre pot (with drainage holes), and be sure to leave the top one-third of the bulb exposed.

Next, plant up the rest of the pot with small houseplants, such as begonia, coleus, English ivy, spider plant and peperomia. Keep in mind that the companion plants shouldn’t be more than 30 centimetres tall or they will block the amaryllis flowers.

the planter well, but avoid watering it again until the flower stem of the amaryllis has started to grow; too much water early on can cause the stems to stretch and become weak.

After the amaryllis has bloomed, cut the flower stalk off at its base and continue to water and fertilize the planter as usual. In late spring, transfer the amaryllis bulb to an outdoor planter and continue to water and feed it during the summer, so that it can store up enough energy to bloom again next winter. In September, allow the bulb to dry out and “rest” for three months, then start the process over again.


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