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10 garden design lessons from Wales

Erin Chesney
Photography by
Stacey Van Berkel

Draw inspiration from the gorgeous gardens of Wales to add charm and allure to your green space

Tucked away among the picturesque mountain ranges and rolling green fields of Wales are some of the world's most beautiful gardens. Inspired by their charm and allure, here we highlight 10 favourite elements to incorporate into your own


It’s a basic design principle that long, straight lines will draw your eye from one end of a space to the other. To apply this rule in the garden, use the pleaching technique: Plant a row of trees and as they grow, manipulate their branches to interweave with one another.

With careful pruning, their foliage appears as one solid hedge. This is an especially captivating look on a large plot, as seen here in Erddig garden, as the long line of trees creates the effect of a grand allée.


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