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Make your own seed packets

Assemble your craft materials to create these whimsical envelopes for garden lovers

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing something you planted, tended to and cared for grow into lush greenery and beautiful blooms. Why not spread the sense of accomplishment by sharing seeds from your garden? These DIY packets turn a handful of seeds into a precious gift, perfect for Mom on Mother’s Day, as a hostess gift or even as a wedding favour.

seed-packets-materials.jpgMaterials and tools
* Decorative paper
* Seed package or small envelope
* Utility knife (optional)
* Scissors
* Cardboard or cardstock
* Pencil
* Ruler
* Bone folder (available at craft supply stores)
* Glue stick
* Computer and printer (optional)
* Seeds
* Hole punch
* Ribbon

Putting it all together
1. Start by making a template. Carefully take apart an existing seed packet or a small envelope, opening it up completely and keeping tabs intact. If you have trouble separating the tabs, try gently sliding a utility knife between the layers of paper. Remove any hanging, torn pieces so you have a smooth outer edge. Next, trace the package onto thin cardboard or a heavy cardstock. Cut it out using scissors or a utility knife. (You may want to use a ruler to redraw any crooked lines before cutting out the shape.) Mark on the cardboard where the packet folds are. You will be able to use this template over an over again, any time you’d like to make a new batch of seed packets.

2. Trace around the cardboard template with a pencil onto the back of your decorative paper, then cut out. Centre larger patterns so the part you like best will appear on the front of the packet; keep in mind where the label will go.


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