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About our magazine
Gardeners love—and need—solid information and real inspiration to make their gardens great. We work hard to provide that and more for the readers of our magazine and the visitors to our website. In fact, our site goes one better, connecting you with other gardeners and garden-related sites so you can further expand your horizons of knowledge.

Think of CanadianGardening.com as a perfect companion to the magazine and an essential gardening tool—right up there with your trusty spade and pruners. Want to know if other gardens in your province are troubled by chinch bugs and blackspot? Log on and compare notes, pose questions or just chat with your fellow gardeners in Garden Talk. Want a list of shade-loving perennials that are hardy to Zone 3? Peruse our extensive archives. Enjoy your visit, and come back often.

Writers' guidelines
Canadian Gardening is a national magazine aimed at the avid home gardener. Our readers are city gardeners with tiny lots, country gardeners with rolling acreage, indoor gardeners, rooftop gardeners, and enthusiastic beginners and experienced veterans. A good reading of the magazine will make you more familiar with the types of articles we look for.

Each issue includes at least one beautiful-garden story with lots of lush photographs. It has general esthetic appeal, but also a particular focus such as a specific style or a design challenge, which discusses how the homeowner solved problems of terrain or climate, fulfilled special needs or capitalized on features, etc.

We also publish practical pieces on growing varieties of ornamentals, fruits or vegetables, on gardening techniques such as mulching and composting, and on projects such as ponds or water details, bird houses, etc. We also publish stories on the environment.

A fresh approach is important-we don't want stories that have been done to utter boredom in other magazines. Ideas should be well-focused and not too general. For example, we might run an article on late-blooming perennials, but reject a request to run an overall piece on perennials as too broad a topic for Canadian Gardening.

We look for appealing, reader-friendly writing. Send samples of your work when submitting a story proposal. Proposals should be no more than one page with enough detail to show how you'd approach the subject.

Submissions must include information about your expertise as a gardener and writing experience as well as writing samples.

Depending on complexity of story and amount of work involved, our rates range from $125 and up for short news items, reviews, or how-to pieces (200 to 400 words), to $350 and up for features (about 500 to 2,000 words). Fees for each story are set by the editor at the time of assignment. We pay on acceptance, and cover reasonable expenses such as long-distance calls to gather research and out-of-town mileage to do interviews. Receipts are required.

Although we prefer to go through the editing process until we have a publishable piece, kill fees of 25% to 50% are negotiated for stories we assigned in good faith but consider not up to our standards. This sometimes results in rewrites done in-house or by an outside writer.

All stories are fact-checked and we ask writers to provide us with all research sources, including phone numbers of interviewees, photocopies of written material, etc.

Art submission guidelines
Canadian Gardening is the leading gardening magazine in Canada. We pride ourselves on our excellent design, photography and illustration, not to mention the superb editorial content. We're always interested in finding new talent and appreciate submissions from photographers and illustrators to add to our list contributors. All art submissions should be sent to the address below. Please send them to the attention of Canadian Gardening, Art Director.

Unsolicited submissions:
Unfortunately we are a very small staff and can't get around to
correspondence as much as we'd like. When sending unsolicited submissions, please send dupes, colour copies or tear sheets of your work that we can keep on file. We cannot process unsolicited material, therefore, it will not be returned to you. If we'd like to see more of your portfolio or want to assign work to you, we will contact you.

Portfolio submissions for assigned photography:
Most of our photography is assigned to professional photographers.
Arrangements can be made for portfolios to be dropped off at the addres below. We'd prefer to see subjects that relate to our magazine, both close-ups, overall garden views and lifestyle.

Stock photo portfolio submissions:
Same as above. Each image must be labelled with plant identification (i.e., with the plant name/cultivar) otherwise it won't be considered for use. Only original transparencies or high resolution digital images (also with proper plant identification in the name), will be considered for use in the magazine.

Illustration submissions:
A colour sample mailed to the address below is preferred over email/web submissions.

Garden scouting + story proposals:
For images sent as a proposed story, please send prints with a written description of the garden or a story idea to the attention of Canadian Gardening, Editor.

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